The future isn’t quite clear to me.           There are blurry lines, really,                   But there are quite no certainties.

Go and read law, they said.                    You talk a lot, they said.

But ask yourself; you do that, right?

Who are you, really?                                 What do you actually want to be?

Sometimes the answer goes, “Not to worry child, tide and time will tell, they always do.”

Sometimes there are no answers.

Great Thoughts.

Heyy guys, it’s been a long while yeah, millions of things got in the way, there were lots of negative catalysts and even thoughts of closing this blog. But then i think, why ? I mean, this is something i totally love doing, voicing my thoughts and other stuff. Well, there has been a lot of positive energy coming very recently, from people, and words. I mean, that’s got to be God working !

Publishing this post is spontaneous, partially. Here it goes.

Beleive in yourself. You’ll get there someday.


Be aware of the great promise you hold.   It doesn’t matter if you see people who (you think) have it all, they all went through a growth phase, they’ve all had their own ghosts and weaknesses they fought and overcame.

It doesn’t, and will never pay to be down/depressed, please Lift up your head, O ye Gates.

Your journey is unique. Do not compare yourself with others. You are a peculiar person.

Build your Godfidence and confidence. They’re your weapons.