How she won

The LaughingUniverse

She couldn’t see her beauty cause society hadn’t seen it yet. She couldn’t hear her voice cause society hadn’t heard it yet. She couldn’t move her feet cause society hadn’t moved it yet. She couldn’t dance and sing cause society hadn’t played it yet. Society was her right of way but it hadn’t given her the right or way to transport herself in leeway or to even mould herself like clay. She was beaten and battered, unconsciously it all crumbled and scattered. The very walls that defined her quarters became like sharp brutal shutters.. clamping clamping clamping her away. Inch by inch day by day. All her lips could ever say were sorry and sorry and no way. Grey silence became her new personality, her glow and spirit were dulled in finality. No one seemed to understand the gravity of this subtle yet hideous depravity. Wasn’t she a human worthy of love?…

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