Create Your Reality.

IMG_20160515_072503I think the worst thing in life is to live without ever doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do, without taking that risk, without using that amazing talent you have.


I’ve seen people/had friends who once told me about great things they could do i.e sing, write, sketch etc, but they wouldn’t let their talent show because they’re shy -_-, or because they thought they weren’t good enough.

You should not think your special ability isn’t something worth being proud of, or that people will not ‘get’ it, because in the end, it is you who matters. No one is responsible for your happiness, and you cannot build your self-worth on what people say, or do.


When I first started photography, almost no one appreciated it. It was funny really, because sometimes people stopped to stare at this girl taking pictures of trees, or the sunset, or the streets. Sometimes, people even hissed, or snickered. “What do you think you’re doing?” someone asked once.IMG_20160427_174513

But that never dettered me. Even fo the fact that when I first started, it wasn’t ‘up-to-standard’, it didn’t have that thing i needed to see, it didn’t bother me.



Because that’s part of what should actually push you to up your game, to do more, to take your abilities to the level you want them to be.‎

Create your reality. Create the life you want to experience.‎

IMG_20160521_091453You’re allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. ‎

4 thoughts on “Create Your Reality.

  1. Gods Kid says:

    yes finally someone said it! Youre allowed to be both a master piece and a work in progress… youre simply amazing Praise keep doing you!


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