The Microphone

“I don’t know, I just don’t know, Tunde would never be perceived by me to be a murderer, I’m not sure I could ever believe it”
“I’ve always said that the term wolf in sheep’s clothing isn’t to be taken lightly, that bastard has murdered 3 people, and still tries to deceive us. Hang him!”

Mr Tunde Barbing, 57, a American/Nigerian citizen, is a graduate of the University of Essex, and obtained an LLM from the University of Cambridge. He is the son of Bishop Michael Barbing of the HolyLife Church. He currently sits on the board of 8 companies including the football team Akoka F.C and Highrise Cement Plc. His law firm Barbing Partners has been frequently acknowledged on the IFLR1000 rating of law firms for over 10 years, with a specialization in commercial law and oil and gas, power and energy law. He is well-known and loved…

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