Birthday Behaviour.

Being 16 was full of its perks. But that is not for today.

Today, I am 17.
I am a writer. Although I haven’t written anything worthy of sight in ages, and if you ask me if I write, the “no” is at my lips’ tips, I am still a writer. A writer, yesterday, today, tomorrow and the days to come. I will never stop writing, growing, and getting better. I’m moving ahead. Dami Ajayi said something like ‘For every 1 hour of writing, 10 hours of reading.’ That helps with “writers block” .(I hate that word though). Thank God for my friends who understood and got me a lot of books. I can’t wait.
I’m a photographer. A photographer, without a camera. Today, I start to save for a really good one. I see so much beauty, in the littlest things, like the way the headlights at Owode glisten. I do not think that is something very common. There are epiphanies in things, and we will see them if we just look. Even intricate details in some things. Ah, life is beautiful.
I am fat. Now, there are people, and there are people. People who say, ahan, your arms are sha big o, your laps are too fat, when did you gain all this weight? and people who say  you’re not fat, biko. Where did you get that ridiculous idea from? With a laugh that leaves me confused as to what to beleive. But to be on the safe side, I have begun exercise, and dieting.  
I am a Christian. Christ himself lives in me. Over the course of my Christian journey, I have come to learn that I can never be too busy for God. There is no such excuse. Also, it is important to be a Christian, in, and out. Don’t go and be tweeting orisirisi about grace, faith, and the rest but you cannot even remember to commune with God in the morning. Do not give most of your time to material things e.g money, because they depreciate with time. See now, money is depreciating, dollar av cost. Give your time to spiritual thing, things of the spirit, because they appreciate.
I’ve been asked countless times today, ‘ahan, you are not going anywhere?” and my answer is no. I have decided to go on a retreat somewhat, to do a lot if thinking, about ways I can be productive, and most importantly, grow.
And so, on the 20th of June, 2016, something new, and beautiful, begun.

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