I think you’re getting proud‎.

Maybe you think you have it all;
Because you can sing almost flawlessly,
When someone comes upstage, you show lazy interest
If the person does something wrong, you scoff,
As if the person has no worth.
You are not perfect, are you?
Because you can write now, we won’t hear word.
You no longer have time to read anything that isn’t written by ‘Renowned African authors
Didn’t they all start from somewhere?
Didn’t you?
You no longer have time for that person,
who just started a blog.
    “No patience for mediocrity”
What a bitch.
Listen carefully –
Do not forget where you came from,
Do not forget your starting point.
Do not measure other people’s pace,
With your own tape.
Do not judge, based solely on your standards.
Prove me wrong,
And get rid of your pride.