Personal : On Not Being Able To Write.

You stare at the screen in near disbelief,
Your eyes twinkling in excitement,
Because you are finally writing,
Those demons have finally set you free.
You no longer have writer’s block
That bastard writer’s block.
That phase has passed,
Those days that multiplied into weeks; weeks, into months,
Without any damn thing to put down.
No inspiration; it seemed to have grown wings and flown away,
To better minds.

And so you grab your device, and place a call to your friend,
To share your immense joy.
“Yo! You wouldn’t believe what just happened!
I wrote something; I freaking wrote some shit down!”
And in the same vein, she asks,

“So what did you write?!”

“Read it out, my fren!”

And you glance back at your laptop screen, and realise that you have actually written shit down.
It’s not worth reading.
It never will.

3 thoughts on “Personal : On Not Being Able To Write.

  1. Gods Kid says:

    Praise baby… I know how annoying writers block can be. But just keep putting something down.
    P. S: I miss your constant reminder of how skinny I am😂😂😂


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